Mercer Island


Lake View Remodel

Tucked away on the east facing bank of Mercer Island, this split level home had amazing view potential. The clients wanted to maximize the space, take full advantage of the views and have a house that could easily accommodate the family’s busy lifestyle. As you approach the house down the existing stairs, the new shed roof welcomingly opens up the entry. As you enter, the foyer hides the entrance to the master suite as wells as incorporates a mudroom with ample storage for a family of five. We transformed a vaulted-ceiling, formal living room into the master suite which includes a loft office space above a walk in closet. In order to maximize living space and the view we created an open floor plan on the main level. The full height sliding doors out of the living room transition the interior living space to the generous patio. Removing an existing fireplace in the lower lever made a large impact to the space, providing room for an exercise room, media room and an additional bathroom.


Hughes Studio Architects