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An elegantly designed living room with a modern fireplace and a comfortable rocking chair.

The English Cottage

A home that welcomes you. This cottage timeless décor feels comfy and friendly, with touches of traditional sophistication and a dash of nature’s artistry from the surrounding gardens.
A living room with a view of the water.

Pura Vida

This floating home is based on the Costa Rican philosophy of Pura Vida - Pure Life. Living with no worries, cherishing simple pleasures, spending time with loved ones, enjoying a relaxed pace of life, and remembering what is most important.
A Dyna floating home, built by Dyna Builders, peacefully floats in the water under a bridge.
A floating home built by Dyna Builders in Seattle.

Ballard Maritime Industry

A Premiere Floating Home Builder

Since completing our first floating home in 2009, we have honed our expertise in the art and craft of building on water. Our Dyna Docks, located steps from our office along Ballard’s Salmon Bay, makes us the only construction company in Seattle with a shoreside facility. It is here that we build new concrete floats, where our 200 feet of commercial pier space affords us the ability to construct multiple water-bound homes at a time.

A man is working on a lathe machine at Dyna Builders.
A man working on a lathe machine at Dyna Builders in Seattle.

Custom Metalwork

Metal Shop Fabrication as an Architectural Art Form

Dyna’s Metal Shop produces carefully crafted architectural metalwork ranging in scale from individual hardware fixtures, to integrated architectural elements like railings, awnings, stairs, and fireplace surrounds, to larger structural steel components. We work closely with our clients, architects, landscape architects, designers, and builders to create one-of-a-kind pieces and custom architectural elements.

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The core of what we do is build high-quality homes, but Dyna is more than a construction company – our architectural and interior design services, our custom metal shop, and our service team allow us to design, build, and care for exceptional spaces, both now and into the future.

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