DYNA Metal

Metal has applications in residential construction as diverse as your imagination. In addition to subcontracting with other builders, Dyna Builders has been using its metal shop for hidden counter supports, blackened steel fireplace surrounds, gates, carports, interior and exterior hand-rails, stairs, deck railings and much more. All projects are custom fabricated in our welding shop utilizing raw steel, stainless steel, or aluminum.

Dyna Metal specializes in cable railings which are swaged on-site using the hidden Ultra-tec tensioning system and can be fitted with wood handrails, an option on any type of railing. In addition to the standard powder coated finish, Dyna has developed a variety of natural steel patinas for interior work. These finishes exemplify contemporary northwest architecture, as do our exterior cable railings. However, we have experience with many traditional styles as well.

In our shop, craftsmanship and attention to detail are paramount. With the business and labor resources of Dyna Builders at their disposal, our fabricators maintain a hands-on approach to custom fabrication. Their services include exploring design and construction details with architects and clients, taking site measurements, fabricating, and installation. The client benefits from a critical eye and skilled hands at every step of the process and our fabricators get the joy of donning coveralls, turning up the radio, and putting their considerable skill and talent to work.